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Another Dumb Criminal

During a quick break at work this morning, I read a story about a dumb criminal who decided steal several bags of frozen shrimp in his pants? W
As the shoplifter went down the shopping lane, he got a spotted by off-duty cop! Nice one. And according to the AP, this what happened next

“The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports that an off-duty detective was shopping at a Sweetbay supermarket Sunday when he noticed what appeared to be a man with groceries stuffed in his pants.

The detective approached 32-year-old Joseph Young and ordered him to stop. Authorities say Young then removed several bags of shrimp from his pants and promised to put them back.

When Young fled for the store’s exit, the detective tackled and restrained him until patrol deputies arrived.”

The criminal was hauled off to county and charged with resisting arrest and shoplifting.

What a moron. Too bad this episode did not make an episode of COPS.
Source 0 (,0,6165172.story)

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Stupid Drunks

Most people when they get drunk just act silly and have a ball of the time. Other people like me just fall asleep. But this guy in Gettysburg, PA had other things in mind. According to York Daily Sun, this guy did the following

“A Gettysburg man was charged after police said he exited his home naked and tried to get neighbors to engage him in a karate fight.

State police at Gettysburg said they responded to the Grove Mobile Home Park after receiving complaints that Gary M. Jones, 47, of 4820 Old Harrisburg Road, Lot 6, had left his mobile home naked and was yelling at neighbors on Aug. 1.

Dennis A. Hucks, Gary Kerns and Andrea R. Orndorff, who were at Lot 75, told police Jones came outside naked at about 9:40 p.m., said he knew karate and asked the men if they wanted to fight, according to court documents.”

That is great. Based on prior research, judges sometime make offenders attend mandatory AA meetings as part of their probation. Does this guy really want to AA about this story? I bet the entire group would get a chuckle on this story.

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