Union Leaders Back Hillary, But Ranks Favor Trump

September 17, 2016 at 12:54 am Leave a comment

Newsmax writes (http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/union-ranks-back-trump/2016/09/16/id/748716) AFL-CIO is mailing pamphlets, making calls, knocking on doors and visiting job sites as it usually does in presidential elections, reaching out to its one million members and retirees to cajole those who are undecided and motivate those inclined to back Hillary Clinton to get out and vote on Nov. 8.

One thing union leaders aren’t doing is expending a lot of energy trying to win back members drawn to Donald Trump’s populist, anti-trade message.

“It’s not effective,’’ President Rick Bloomingdale said. “He said it himself: ‘I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, and I’d still get votes.’ And that’s where those folks are.’’

Because we did not elect Bernie Sanders as Presidential nominee. Bernie would actually do what the union members want except for action for the illegal immigrant. The Donald would take action on that but would do nothing to preserve pensions, health cares, and wages. The Donald and Bernie would ban offshoring (the problem is the Donald nominated Mike Pence as the VP so that implementing that plan is going to be hard because Mike Pence is an offshorer.)

Hillary is too cozy with both sides. Better for menial deals but not the type of bold actions where it forces the corporation to haircut on the profits and traps any measure for offshoring or attempts at excessive automation. It the candidate that blocks the excessive automation that forces the corporation to negotiate directly with the unions and give into the unions demands.


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