Donald Trump and Greenland Ice

September 22, 2016 at 1:13 am Leave a comment

I saw the headlines and NeverHillary voters are putting out their posts while they are voting for a third party, but this headline cares me to crap — “Greenland Ice Loss 40 Trillion Pounds Bigger Than Thought

If Donald Trump gets elected, nothing will be done about this. Nothing. Period.  Thom Hartmann in his blog writes

“climate change rapidly spirals out of control, big business is preparing for the inevitable.

According to a new study from the environmental organization CDP, at least 1,300 corporations, including Goldman Sachs, Disney, and Microsoft, either have an internal carbon pricing plan or are about to put one in place.

The thinking here is simple.

At some point or another (and hopefully sooner rather than later) we, as a civilization, are going to have to institute a carbon tax on all fossil fuel emissions.

It’s the most practical way to stop climate change, and it’s only way to recoup the costs of all the damage Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Gas have done and continue to do to our planet.”

How, we can afford to elect Trump given the monstrosity of this problem?  One of Trump’s biggest supporters, Alex Jones, denies the reality that man-made climate is to blame for the loss 40 trillion of Greenland Sheet Ice.  Such dangerous ignorance has tremendous consequences.

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