On Netflix and Cable ISPS

September 13, 2016 at 5:36 am Leave a comment

I read today that Netflix wants data caps eliminated. I disagree that data caps should be eliminated for mobile especially on people want to use upwards of 20 GB of data. On cable-based ISPs, I believe that caps should be eliminated and customers should pay purely on speed as an incentive for companies to make a return on their investment for the capital projects related to building high-speed internet lines. But to put a cap on people’s data usage. You gotta to kidding me. This is why we need municipal broadband to compete against these companies if the municipality can prove that it provide a successful return on investment to the cities. With municipal broadband, there would be less incentive for these companies to put data caps because of more competition. It is the nature in a lot of industries in the capitalist system to constantly merge in order to buy out the competition. In this case, the cable industry had consolidated to the point where only a few companies exist and therefore, the government has constantly regulate their butt because outsized corporations have to heavily regulate by the government. If the Sherman Anti-trust act was actually enforced, we could block a lot of these mergers and the industry might still have some regional competitors that would allow incentive the industry not to place data caps

Read more at http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/09/netflix-asks-fcc-to-declare-data-caps-unreasonable/.

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