Lack of Confidence in Following Up with Poeople

September 6, 2016 at 12:06 am Leave a comment

One thing that I learned today is that I definitely have a passive personality towards certain things. A lot of times I do not like to follow-up because I do not like bother people and being labeled as annoying is something I really dislike. Especially with jobs. I take the time to interview and write the thank-you letter but I never follow-up. In my opinion, follow-up just proves me to annoying person and I hate when people say “No” to me. The reality is that I have a fear of rejection and I hate people saying no to my face. That is probably why I hate sales, job-hunting, and dating in general. Today, I watched a video on Youtube that threw all of those assumptions down the drain. Essentially, it proves me that I am way too passive and lack aggressiveness towards things. A lot of that passiveness comes from my autism because of lack of confidence in my social skills.

Essentially, I am operating out of fear of rejection of being disliked, being annoyed, and or being creepy. What I need to learn to do is learn when you cross that boundary of being labeled annoying or creepy, but keep on being persistent with follow-up or contacting the person until I get a feeling that I am crossing the line into being creepy or annoying. This what the video. It should be that I have no fear of rejection as long I am taking the applying the correct social skills to the situation. I know that I can never be the most charming or charisma person but  I should take confidence to take action in the situation. Taking action in the situation will provide the learning experiences to succeed in the future.


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