Why Low Tax Are Not the Answer to Protect the Social Safety Net

December 25, 2014 at 5:12 am Leave a comment

Well, the American Prospect makes an excellent point about why the GOP hates Taxes

“ut the real source of the conservative support for tax cuts is moral, not practical. They believe that taxes are inherently immoral — the government stealing from you the fruits of your labor (or inheritance or wise investments, as the case may be) to enact its nefarious schemes. Taxes should therefore be as low as possible. Conservatives also tend to believe that progressive taxation is doubly immoral, since it takes more from the most virtuous among us.”

The reality is that an ideal libertarian society is that the rich are the ones who are the one who make the decision about private .  But as we can see, the private version of social safety net has failed miserably especially in the day and age when the wealthy are not virtuous people or give their money to causes that do not really duplicate what the government social safety net does or create an alternative, more efficient private social safety net.

Usually a church is the best person for a private social safety net, but, a church and religious institutions work well in tandem with a basic governmental social safety.  Therefore, the goal of the private social safety net program is to plug in the holes that the public sector cannot fill.  The argument that the a bunch of wealthy millionaires and billionaires can recreate the current US social safety net is a bunch of hogwash.  The wealthy can ultimately pick the winners and losers in the social safety net instead of providing an equitable social safety

So that is why we need to have income taxes that are moderate to high to ensure that the public social safety nets are properly funded, but taxes should not to be to high so that the wealthy donor or religious institutions can plug the holes that the public sector cannot properly fund.

It seems that the modern GOP does not get this and all they want to give money to a bunch of wealthy people who are at the end of the day cannot or would not replace the public social safety tax.  Therefore, the cutting taxes are the “moral thing to do” is completely dead wrong.


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