Wingnuts From World Net Daily Make Teeth Creeth Cringe

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So I was looking for an article on Facism and I found this zinger on World Net Daily

“n politics, one faction – the left – has become habitually mendacious. That habit of disregard for the objective truth is costly and dangerous. Costly because error is expensive and persistent error is persistently expensive. Dangerous because the left is the totalitarian faction, and it arrogantly demands and enforces abject deference not to what is true but to what is “politically correct,” whether or not it is true.

The great lie of fascism – a hard-left movement now all but wiped out – was that the Jews were not human. The great lie of communism – still unfortunately going strong over the counter in the world’s most populous nation and under the counter almost everywhere else – is that all who disagree with the party line are not human and may be slaughtered at will. These two great lies led to at least 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

The great lie of hard-left totalitarianism’s new face – environmentalist extremism – is that those who question how much warming we shall cause by converting one part in 2500 of the air from oxygen to plant food in the next 100 years are anti-human and should be executed.

With increasing frequency, the so-called “greens” are demanding show trials for the likes of me on grounds of “high crimes against humanity,” as a now-retired NASA communist used to put it. “Kill them, kill them all!” is their cry.

Common to all the manifestations of leftist totalitarianism is an utter disregard for the very concept of objective truth.

Mr. Obama says the birth certificate on the White House website is genuine. It is obviously false. Mr Obama says global warming is happening faster than expected. It has not happened at all for 18 years and two months. Mr Obama says you can keep your existing doctor if you want. No, you can’t. Mr Obama said he would cut the national debt. He has more than doubled it in just seven years.

When I wrote a series of columns about the medical dangers of homosexuality a few weeks back, there were shrieks of rage from one faction – the left. They tried to say my facts and figures were false. Yet every fact and every figure was not only true but carefully referenced. Why, then, the knee-jerk reaction? Because the facts did not fit the party line, and the party line must prevail.

Mr. Obama’s plan to get the power-hungry EPA to make laws to wreck the nation’s electricity generating system is unconstitutional because Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution reserves all legislative power to Congress, and because Congress has expressly forbidden the EPA to regulate power plants in the manner it now proposes. That is the truth. But the left cares nothing for the truth. Their absolute disregard for absolute truth has made a mockery of democracy and the Constitution.

If you read the contents of article, you know this is a bunch of BS. I do not need to explain it for the writer proves himself to be a real wingnut. Of course World Net Daily is World Net Daily which bunch of wingnuts.


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