Rachel Maddow Gives The Smackdown to Anti-Gay Activist

December 9, 2009 at 8:34 pm Leave a comment

Last night, Rachel Maddow put the smackdown on a guy from the Ex-Gay movment  He claimed that he could make her straight. Really, like being is really a choice.  In my opinion, I do not think so.

The guy that she debated is cited as an influence in Uganda as a leading authority that gay people can become straight again and that being is a moral choice.   In the law, it calls for the death penalty if a person is a gay and that has AIDS.

Why does the church waste its time on trying obess on gays?   My reading of the bible is that homosexuality is the same as having sex outside of marriage.  Yet, the church does not place a huge emphasis on that issue as the gay issue.

I consider myself as an agnostic who leans more towards theism than atheism.    Since I do not believe in Christianity, I do not consider that  being gay violates the laws of common morality in America  and this guy full of crap to try to force his views on people that are gay.

I have no problem with a person that truly wants to follow Christianity and wishes to change gay to straight as  amatter of conscious..  What I do not like is  when these people try to force their religious views on people who are gay and who do not wish to convert.

These people should focus their ministry on people who (i) have decided to be conservative Christians, (ii) have made conscious decision to become straight, and (iii) have difficulty in overcoming feelings of homosexuality.  Otherwise, these people need to be ignored and marginalized.


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