Newt Thinks That He Can Win Florida Yeah Right

January 22, 2012 at 2:45 am Leave a comment

Newt Gingrich thinks that he can Florida.  Well, the Wall Street Journal puts another take on that

TAMPA, Fla.—With a loss in South Carolina, Mitt Romney is turning to the caucuses and primaries ahead. Up first is Florida, a state where Mr. Romney has meticulously built up a campaign network.

The Romney campaign began reaching out to absentee voters in December to leverage the state’s early-voting period, an important element of the Jan. 31 Florida primary. With 10 days to go, his campaign on Saturday said it has done a lot of work to take advantage of early balloting.

“He has a tremendous network, and he has people who have networks,” said state Republican Rep. Jim Frishe, the majority whip in the Florida legislature. Mr. Frishe was among more than 20 people who turned out to vote for Mr. Romney after a rally in St. Petersburg.


The rally was just one of the Romney events across each of the state’s 10 media markets—taking place outside a polling site with piles of signs for Mr. Romney and none for Newt Gingrich.

And New York Times reports

” CHARLESTON, S.C. — For Mitt Romney, the South Carolina primary was not just a defeat, though it was most emphatically that. It was where his campaign confronted the prospect it had most hoped to avoid: a lone, surging and energized rival


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The rebirth of Newt Gingrich, a notion that seemed far-fetched only weeks ago, back in Iowa, has upended a litany of assumptions about this turbulent race. It wounds Mr. Romney, particularly given his stinging margin of defeat here on Saturday, and raises the likelihood that the Republican contest could stretch well into the springtime.

Republican voters, after delivering three different winners in the first three stops in the nominating contest, are in no rush to settle on their nominee.

Mr. Romney had trouble with evangelical voters and voters for whom shared faith was important. He had trouble winning over voters who support the Tea Party movement. During his stay in South Carolina, he had trouble handling questions about his wealth and trouble in matching Mr. Gingrich in exciting the passions of conservatives.”

But as Mr. Gingrich surges in the polls on the back of strong debate performances, political insiders here are asking whether Team Romney can organize its way to victory.”

Sorry, Newt you are going to use lose in Florida and the same thing with Rich Santourm.  You are not win because Florida has the population and it is has more people than Iowa and South Carolina combined.

Newt does not have money to beat the Romney’s Superpacs and television advertising  is going to mean more than it is does three prior states.  So for Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum, it has been a good feeling to beat Mitt, but you are going to lose in Florida and Mitt Romney is going to clean his clock  Florida voted for Obama in 2008 and therefore, is a moderate state.  It is Mitt Romney’s race to win and he is going to win  big in Florida

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