Dreadful Hot Day

July 7, 2018 at 2:12 am Leave a comment

Unbearable heat makes today a dreary day. Instead of doing the books and recording journal entries, I spent the day of misery at home. If you came out of the room, you felt like you were in a blast furnace. My roommate had to work on the roof of an unknown commercial facility. He came home in a brow of sweat. A brow of sweat. He was that hot. For me, I just spent the day inside. I did have a productive day: applied for a job closer to home and went to get my disability ID card at the OCTA. I went into an air-conditioned courtroom that I should have been in. I call 95 degrees even 100 bearable, but 109 no way jose. If you live in Phoenix, you would call me a coward indeed. But I am not used to such misery, and the heat is out to get me.

The dreariness carries into tomorrow, but hopefully, by Sunday, it will be cooler


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