Another Take on Ossoff/Handal

June 25, 2017 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

I do agree that Jon Ossoff was a poor candidate for the GA-6 race. He did not have any real vision for his Congressional race and did not offer any bold, progressive vision for Georgia.

Despite being a weak candidate, there was another major factor why he lost and it is has nothing to do with him. Hillary Clinton could have won the electoral vote despite also being a weak candidate as well. It is voter suppression tactics and it is dirty secret of the 2016 general election and this primary race.

From [Greg Palast’s Blog}(

“I was in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District to investigate strange doings in the race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel (who received an endorsement—and kiss on the lips—from President Trump).

Handel was happy as a Smurf doll when I asked her if the Democrats were stealing the election. (“They’re pulling out all the stops!!”)

But when I asked about Republican Jim Crow tactics I’d uncovered, it got real ugly. First, a deep-fry-bloated goon jumped between me and the candidate then pushed me backwards. A second grabbed my arm while a third started muscling me around.”

I heard this guy on the Thom Hartmann several weeks before the actual election happened and he warned about this happening. If Palast theory is correction and I know this guy has a spot-on record, Ossoff actually won these seat if the GOP played by the rules. But they did not and he lost.

The reality is that the Dems needs to factor that specific percentage of votes are going to be thrown out because of voter suppression tactics in their election planning strategies. There is no way around this until the day that the federal government declares this stuff as a felony and you start to see GOP Secretary of States starting head off the penitentiary for civil right violations. For me, this type of voter suppression is essentially engaging in voter fraud and therefore, is considered to be felonious activity.

Ossoff is not a desirable candidate but he should have won if the rules were done correctly. But they are not and therefore, you need to run a candidate that actually appeals to the white middle-class voters that is a real Democrat and not somebody who be called a moderate Republican in another generation. You have to win this election on class issues and not race, religion, or identity politics. Sorry, talking about class issues that broadly affect all races and not giving into the temptation of race, religion, gun, or identity politics is the only way to win.


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