Difficulties Studying

August 24, 2016 at 3:50 am Leave a comment

I am supposed to be studying for the CPA exam right now, but my mind is too preoccupied with an interview.  In my mind, I am preordained for this job.  I feel that the job is mine. That I deserve this job.

Yet, the real barrier for this job is public transportation. It is not the current commute.  It is when the OCTA decides to reduce coverage in South Orange County to improve conditions up in North County. I prefer more coverage where I live in right now, but if I get a job in South County than the interests of peak-time commute in my part of my county no longer interests me.

This tension about this is preventing me from studying tonight.  Normally, tonight is a designated study night but when your mind is completely elsewhere, you just forget the test.  My mind is focused on that job.  For some reason, I want this job.  Yes, I have to take the bus for two hours, but I want this job.  It is more important than one night of studying for that stupid exam.  I need income and not some stupid exam is going to promise me a $100,000 controller job in the future.  Therefore, my mind is preoccupied and not studying righy now.


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