Election Fatigue

August 10, 2016 at 4:06 am Leave a comment

It just seems the media is chock full of negative news.  It seems the wave of bickering partisan news has hit all time low.  For me, Donald Trump has created a huge headache that I do not.  I love to follow politics especially when it gets into the wonkiness of policy details.

This election is different.  The wonkiness is gone.  Instead, we get endless shitshow of Trump attacks and gaffes.  Nobody is addressing the solutions to our problems.  The reality is that we face a huge host of problems that required demonstrated leadership.  We do not need nihilist capitalism to solve our problems.

The reality is that this election could result in huge gains for the Democrats and finally, reforms can be made.  On other hands, the GOP could win their congressional majorities back and it is standstill gridlock.

What drives my headaches is deviousness right now.  The discord created by Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh in the media.  The Facebook posts that I see  from certain conservative friends just drives me up the wall.

I am in the middle of very difficult and emotional search for a job.  The media circus going on right now has made it harder.  I have difficulty in just shutting off the media and doing something else.  I admit that watching the circus is addicting but it also comes with a high price of emotional fatigue.  The serenity is that it will be over in three months with hopefully a Democratic sweep of both races (don’t count on it) and the first women President in history (I would have preferred Bernie, but I cannot what I choose in life). But for right now, it is an emotional drainer of a election.



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