My own Thoughts on Why I am not a Conservative

June 19, 2016 at 6:34 pm Leave a comment

I just had a though that if I am frugal with my own money than why I would not want the government to be frugal with other’s people money. Therefore, I should oppose want taxes and want lower government spending. But yet, I want high taxes and moderately high spending (as long the debt level is sustainable). I guess that is desire to have a government-imposed social safety net such as (food stamps and unemployment insurance that last up to 73 weeks if you cannot land job and investment in infrastruture such as public transit and roads without potholes (I cannot stand broken roads with potholes) . I also cannot stand casino capitalism without a passion and want those sectors heavily regulated. In the end, it is probably my lack of high risk tolerance for failure that prefers a well-funded government that has a social safety net than have more money to bet on running own business or making money off high-risk investments even that I do possess the level of understanding to require to play in high-stakes investments. I also have a lower tolerance for income inequality than other people do so therefore, it is hard for me to support policies that would allow others to have a chance at making at higher level of wealth without having more regulations or pay higher taxes that would impede their ability to do so.

I should be a conservative but I have made a logical case why I am big government liberal instead of a conservative that favors conservative causes


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