I hope Bobby Jindal is right

August 31, 2015 at 2:03 am Leave a comment

The guys at the National Review hope that Bobby Jindal is right

“Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal expressed optimism for his own presidential campaign in the face of Donald Trump’s surging popularity, calling it a symptom of the early campaign season.

“I think after we get past the summer of silliness and insults, the voters are going to begin to look at who is prepared to do the job,” he told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week.” “I believe I am the candidate best able to do this job on the first day.”
Like several of his fellow Republican presidential candidates, Jindal said Trump has tapped into “anger” and “frustration” to draw his large crowds.

“What the polls tell me is that nobody really has any real voters right now,” he said.

Several polls indicate Jindal will not be on the prime-time Republican debate stage next month. However, he remains confident he still has ample time to catch fire.”

I am so sick of the Donald that I wish he disappeared.  Unfortunately for Bobby Jindal and myself, I do not think Trump is going to disappear overnight.   The way that the Donald is going down is the debate.  The more debates that the GOP, the Donald will fade into the landscape, but if you do not have debates, the Donald will keep on going because xenophobia that occupies the Republican party does not know any limits.  It is because the GOP voters are going through identity crises and are struggling how they fit into multi-racial reality.

The reality is accept that lower birthrates and immigration have made the country more diverse.  The reality is to take pride in your culture, but accept other people as well.  Embrace Western civilization, but also been develop a keen interest in other cultures and points of view.  However, I think these people are have too much tunnel-vision and rather embrace prejudice.  And that type of prejudice makes the Donald thrive.  ”

But that is not the current state of the GOP and the establishment candidates need to learn how to frame their message about return to sanity and the dangers of xenophobia.  And also tell the Christian right is that Jesus did not embrace hatred of people of other races.

We will wait to see if that happens.


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