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Two Observations About Last Night

1. I found out that I still introverted around people. I tend to get social at the beginning of the event where there is less people and especially less noise. When the amount of noise increases, I feel that I have to talk over people and it is hard to listen to people. In really crowded environment, it would be difficult to deal with this and I would have to go home. Last night, it was less crowded venue so it was easier to talk to people. However, I think the amount of loud noise made me uncomfortable and therefore, I turned to my phone as a safety device where I can hide without having to talking to people. I think the crowd last night was not my usual group of friends so I felt slightly less comfortable than I normally do. There was people that I knew, but I still was a little bit too introverted and avoided talking to a lot of people who were there.
2. I tend to talk about myself too much without trying to get know more about other individual. I typically insert myself as the subject of the conversation instead of trying to ask more questions about myself. This is real problem that I have by trying to control the conversation because I have the fear of the conservation going dead if I let other people talk. Usually, this is a major problem because I have autism, I fear that people do not want to open to me or fear the conservation goes dead so my solution is try to control the conversation. Even if I am talking to another person about themselves, I am still controlling the conversation because I am asking the person questions that I am specifically interested in. This is still real problem needs some work


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