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Time For Supreme Court to Dump Georgia Right to Execute Mental Disabled Priosner

CNN reports

Despite pleas by human rights groups and legal representatives who have argued that Hill’s intellectual disability should have made him ineligible for the death penalty, Hill died by injection at the prison in Jackson, Georgia.

His time of death was 7:55 p.m. ET, said spokeswoman Gwendolyn Hogan. Hill declined to make a final statement, but requested a final prayer, Hogan said.

Hill’s attorney slammed the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to step in and grant a stay of execution.

“Today, the court has unconscionably allowed a grotesque miscarriage of justice to occur in Georgia,” said Brian Kammer, Hill’s lawyer.

“The intellectual disability community, which has strongly supported Mr. Hill’s case for many years, joined his legal team in the belief that the Supreme Court would step in and prevent Georgia’s flagrant disregard of the Constitution on behalf of the rights of people with disabilities,” said Kammer.

He described the execution as “an abomination.”

The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles similarly voted to deny clemency”

The court took the chicken way. They let Georgia execute the prison instead of issuing a legal challenge to the execution and better yet, challenging the concept that states can execute people with mental disablity in general.  In reality, the Court could took the case and set a broad-based precedent stating that the death penalty should be outlawed in the state and nationwide with strict precedent that limits the cases when states can execute people with developmental disabilities.

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