How As A Nation That We Support Torture Like This/

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This makes me throw up if I actually saw this.  From the LA Times

Shortly before noon on Aug. 4, Zubaydah was stripped naked, shackled, hooded and slammed into a concrete wall. He was then placed in a coffin-like box. At 6:20 that night, he was waterboarded for the first time.

He coughed, vomited and had “involuntary spasms of the torso and extremities,” the CIA noted. In an email titled “So it begins,” a medical officer wrote to headquarters that Zubaydah “seems very resistant” to waterboarding and had provided “NO useful information so far.”

Those tactics — combined with face slaps, stress positions, sleep deprivation and other painful techniques — continued in “varying combinations, 24 hours a day” for 17 days. He was waterboarded a total of 83 times.

When he was left alone, Zubaydah “was placed in a stress position, left on a waterboard with a cloth over his face, or locked in one of two confinement boxes.”

In all, he spent 266 hours — 11 days and two hours — locked in the pitch-dark coffin, and 29 hours in a much smaller box. In response, he “cried,” “begged,” “whimpered” and grew so distressed that “he was unable to effectively communicate,” the interrogation team reported.

The escalating torment, especially the waterboarding, affected some on the CIA team. “It is visually and psychologically very uncomfortable,” one wrote. Several days later, another added, “Several on the team profoundly affected … some to the point of tears and choking up.””

And Cheney defends this kinda of stuff.  He is sociopath.  Really a sociopath that needs to be locked away in his own dungeon of solitude for the rest of his life


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