Personal Plan to Deal With Random Websurfing Addiction

December 7, 2014 at 6:28 am Leave a comment

Today was another day where I got lost on the internet.  I got lost on the internet even though I watched TV, went exercising, and took the dog off.  The reality is that when I have idle time (not time with friends), the Internet is more stimulating to my autistic mind.

It sucks that I have to be lost in the internet all day long. I could have been so much more productive but the problem is that it I really want a support group to help me to deal with my internet addiction or better yet, to really cut down my random websurfing.  Random websurfing is really my problem because I get to the news really quickly but just glancing on local new website very quickly and go.

I think part of the problem is that my life is stuck in holding place by my training program.  I think that there is a lot of things that I want to do, but I do not had to priortize my goals in my spare time.  Essentially, what I need to do each day is to write “Internet Plan” is to list all of the websites that I visit and what times that I do it at. Once the list is completed, I will have to do other things than engage in random websurfing.  What I have to do is to see how much that I want to get done on the internet during the day, how much idle time that I have, is there any TV shows of interests that I want to watch, and then put the listing of sites on to Google Drive and then cross them off when I completed. I could spend six hours on the Internet, but I know all of the sites that I am going to visit and how much time I spend on them.


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