Thoughts on Random Websurfing

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For the first time in my life, I am troubled by my internet web surfing. I used to be able surf the internet for hours and hours on end.  Suddenly, it produces more anxiety than it use to.  Random web surfing used to be something that I could enjoy for hours.  I just surfed to my hearts content.

Now, it suddenly because an issue that drives that a high level of anxiety.  I think that it is because that I am expected to give up random websurfing as a part of my personal growth.  It is supposed to be when I go the web, I have a specific purpose like watch a Jon Stewart video, download an IRS tax form, look up at bus route, or check my Facebook account a couple of times a day.

My personal evolution which my AA sponsor who probably confirm states that I should admit that I should not engage in random websurfing and that involves into a bad behavior.  Instead, I should be trying new things like reading a book, going to a detox, and watching what my roommates on TV and just do not get up to surf the internet.  That means remained glued to the TV until I go to be because this an exercise in contrary action.

If I come at home at 10:00 PM and watch the KTLA news, that it is not considered to be random websurfing. I am watching the local TV news because I am unable to watch it on the regular TV news and my focus is at one thing at one time.

I think the bigger picture is that my brain is not wired for multi-tasking as much as this generation glorifies the multi-tasker. For too long, I felt like that I can do two things at one time: one thing pleasurable and one thing comfortable.  Now being more aware of how ADHD mind works, random websurfing might be considered to be unaccountable.  Unlike normal person, I have that AA sponsor every night when I make the call and he can chew me out on this issue.

The real challenge is to pick up reading as a hobby or start to watch what other people want to watch on TV.  I do not think that blogging counts as random websurfing because I am usually connecting on my feeling on a personal or a political issue that I feel strongly emotional.

In conclusion, certain tasks are not random websurfing because they have a specific purpose.  However, random websurfing is should be considered as “addict behavior” and avoided at all costs.  And yes, my AA sponsor can chew me out on this issue even I though do not need him to do so.  Since he is a sponsor, he has right to do so because one day, it will be me chewing out a sponsee for not taking actions to deal with his potential shortcomings


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