Some Points on Fergueson

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Some points on Ferguson made by this blog

Once you realise that Wilson’s story is absurd, and that the argument for self-defence has not been made, it is no longer possible to believe that the jury let the officer off because he defended himself against someone who was attacking him. 
It is at this point that any reasonably observant person should be considering the pattern of racist killing and violence on the part of the US police. 
It is at this point that you should be factoring in the ongoing racial inequities of the criminal justice system, from the beat cops to the prisons. 
It is at this point that the entire architecture of racist exclusions and disadvantage should be brought into the analysis. 
This is systemic, and the systemic name for it is white supremacy. And it matters less precisely what people think they’re doing when they reinforce white supremacy than that they do so.”
I would not state the word “White Sumpremacy” because there are numerous incidents of white people that are homeless get harassed by the cops, tasered, and beated up.  Rather, it is class warfare issue. Yes, it is racial, but if you are poor, homeless, or broke, the cops raise the level of inherent risk when assessing risk for using deadly force.
Instead of doing detailed assessment, the attitude is shoot first and ask questions later. Other methods are better than this.  Even tasering Michael Brown would have been better.  But it is not.  It is shoot and ask questions later.
Since this guy was a black person, the officer unconscious bias was to apply deadly force because the guy look like a thug. Since he looks like a thug, he is a thug.  So I am going to pull a gun and shoot 
Deprogramming these bias will take a generation and a spiritual awakening in people.  Unconscious bias takes a lot of time and effort to cleanse your soul.

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