Another Reason Not to Elect Greg Abbott

November 1, 2014 at 12:22 am Leave a comment

Greg Abbott should not be elected after reading this post in the Guardian

Texas is preparing to execute a mentally ill man who dressed as a cowboy at his trial and attempted to subpoena Jesus Christ, John F Kennedy and the Pope.

On Wednesday, a day after Miguel Paredes became the 10th – and at the time it was thought final – Texas prisoner to be put to death this year, the state gave Scott Panetti an execution date of 3 December. The 56-year-old shot his parents-in-law to death in 1992 in front of his estranged wife and their three-year-old daughter.

Long and complex legal battles have taken place since he was convicted in 1995 as a succession of courts have ruled Panetti is competent to be executed even though there is no question that he is mentally ill and suffers from paranoid delusions.

A schizophrenic man who had been hospitalised 14 times before the murders of Joe and Amanda Alvarado in the Texas Hill Country, he insisted he represent himself at trial, where his only defence was insanity. He said that during the crime he was under the control of a hallucination he called “Sarge”. He wore a purple cowboy suit, rambled incoherently, fell asleep and made a threatening gesture at the jury. Court documents show his standby attorney described Panetti as “bizarre”, “scary” and “trance-like” and that the trial was a “judicial farce”.

The jury convicted him of capital murder and sentenced him to death. The Wisconsin native later filed a federal appeal arguing that he had been incompetent both to stand trial and to represent himself:

I am sorry, but executing anybody who claims to Jesus Christ is clearly ill is clearly disregards of the appropiate use of the death penalty.  The death penalty are for sadistic, pathological killer like the Eric Fein who just killed that police officer in Pennsylvania.

Executing this guy is liking try to execute Cyril who Ryan O’Reily brother in Oz.  Cyril was a mentally challenged inmate who killed another inmate.  The problem was that Cyril belong to psychological ward under the strict supervision of a psychiatrist to monitor inmates on the use of meds.  Unfortunately, for Cyril, the prison did not do that and eventually died in execution.  The show greatly exaggerates the quickness on how fast the court moves in this case

In reality, this guy does not deserve the death penalty.  He should be locked away in a restricted unit where offenders with psychological issues are watched and monitored.

And Greg Abbott is exactly the type of governor who is let inmates who should not be executed be executed.  So this is another reason why to vote against Greg Abbot for governor.


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