Retailer and Stress

October 30, 2014 at 5:11 pm Leave a comment

Today, I had the run around with one of major discount stores.  It was really not there fault because they has a lot of applicants to interview for position.  Rather, it is about their priorities vs my priorities.  Their priorities is to hire as any many qualified candidates for their seasonal position.

The particular store is in heavily populated Hispanic neighborhood in Santa Ana.   The stores is always crowded and I will try to avoid the store like the plauge because it is always packed with people and .  There is nothing wrong with the store’s customer service, selection, or well stocked store.  It is just a huge store that is far walk from the bus stop.  It’s competitor has two stores in Garden Grove and Costa Mesa which is always easier to get on the bus.

At this particular store, the competitor’s store has less clientile that speak Spanish as their only language and would speak broken English at best.  I am discriminatory against these people.  It is just that I have taken time in my professional learning to learn Spanish.  I have always worked in industries where English was the primary langauge of business because I worked in the professional service industry for most of my life.

I do not think this store would be the correct store for me to work at because I do not speak fleuent Spanish.  Santa Ana is always going to have a significant population of fresh undocumented workers who only speak broken English and where Spanish is the best way to resolve customer complaints or issues.

Is it my lack of desire to learn Spanish? No it is just something where I do not have the time


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