Interview Highlights

October 22, 2014 at 6:38 pm Leave a comment

Interviewed with another state agency which here are the highlight:

  • The main issue with this interview purely has to do with transportation.   Two main failures of my part: (i) not getting the bus spot five minutes before the bus arrives and (ii) not anticipating that the taxi would not wait for me when I got off the bus.  The taxi cab could have instructed the driver to call me and then I could have instructed him to wait as long I was being charged for it.  Instead, the taxi cab driver did not call me and taxi cab left.  It resulted in another taxi coming about 15 minutes late and for me not arriving to interview
  • The big issue is always anticipate that the bus could arrive up to five minute early and do not expect it to show exactly at the scheduled time.
  • Another issue during the interview was that I was required to give theoretical explanations to the interview problems.  I had to theoretically set up and theoretically define customer service question.  My answers were very orderly and sequential but I do not know what the panel specific critieria was met
  • The written exercise was a piece of cake except my biggest concern is that I edited the letter to my expectations and even reworded specific sentences because I just do not feel that it convey the point of the letter.  No real big changes letter but the scope of the edits that I made could have been outside the scope of the edits that the panel expected the applicant made.
  • Overall, the big foul-up with this interview was the bus arriving three minutes early and having that screw up your entire interview schedule

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