Another GOP Idiot Opens His Big Mouth

October 15, 2014 at 5:08 am Leave a comment

Well, it looks like Tom Cotton make another dumb gaffe as stated by Talking Points Memo

“Republican Tom Cotton said during an Arkansas U.S. Senate debate on Tuesday that “Obamacare nationalized the student loan industry.”

The first-term congressman added, “That’s right, Obamacare grabbed money to pay for its own programs and took that choice away from you.”

The reality is less simple. Obamacare was paired with a bill that made significant changes to the federal student loan program, largely cutting banks out as middle-men between the government and recipients of the loans. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the changes would save $58 billion over 10 years, about $8.7 billion of which would be used to fund Obamacare programs.

Of the remaining savings, $36 billion would go to higher Pell grants for lower-income college students, $3 billion for historically black and minority-serving colleges and $10.3 billion to reduce the deficit, as noted by the Washington Post’s fact-checker”

This type of talk is used to persuade backwaters GOP voters that Obama is doing a bad thing.  In reality, Mr. Cotton spreads such falsehoods because the backwater GOP votes want to hear that appeal to their common beliefs and not the truth.

Until common sense is knocked into the backwater GOP voters, they will continue to be believe falsehoods spread by the GOP spin machine.


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