509 Sentenced to Death. It Is Time to Cut Off Aid To Egypt

March 25, 2014 at 5:10 am Leave a comment

The New Egyptian government certainly is a law and order government.  They have zero tolerance for Morsi supporters as demonstrated by the following as reported by the Daily Telegraph

Egypt’s judges have risked new international outrage after handing down the death penalty to 529 people accused of rioting in a mass two-day trial condemned as violating legal norms.
The judge, in the central Egyptian city of Minya, brought the case to a close after just two sessions. Lawyers said he refused to allow the defence to complete their cases.
The sentence, if it were carried out, would be the biggest mass execution from a single case in the recent history of Egypt, or anywhere else in the world.
Legal experts say it is likely to be overturned on appeal, rejected by the Grand Mufti, to whom all death penalties are referred, or commuted by the president – not least because of the international consequences of such an event.
Egypt currently has qualified backing for its so-called “road-map to democracy” from the United States and Britain, despite last year’s overthrow of the country’s elected president, Mohammed Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

That is purely crazy for one government to sentence 529 people to death for participation in demonstration.  Even the Russians do not give massive sentences for participation in a political protest, they just give you a couple years in jail.

Essentially this government wants to wipe out the Muslim Brotherhood and all relics of Islamic rule.  My concern is that this violates the rule of law and is completely against international norms.  Not even China or in some ways, Iran does not do this.

If this was Saudi Arabia, they would have just throw the Muslim Brotherhood in jail for a few years unless they are engaged in direct armed insurgence against the government that resulted in a death of law enforcement official.  Even in my home state (California), an act that resulted in direct armed insurgence against the government that resulted in a death of law enforcement official would resulted in the death penalty.

The United States should rethink twice about providing military assistance to a country that sentences 529 people who did not engage in an armed insurgence that resulted in a death of law enforcement officer. It is time to cut of the aid to Egypt until Egypt does a major restructuring of its legal system.


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