GOP Proves It Self To Be Anti-Climate, Anti-Health, and Anti-Safety

February 28, 2014 at 2:12 am Leave a comment

Do these guys have any clues about health, welfare, and safety of workers. Well, I guess the GOP just does not have clue as stated by WUFT

“The House Of Representatives has approved several bills that would limit and change the federal government regulates businesses. The Republican-backed measures were all passed by party-line votes; none are seen as likely to be enacted into law.

The legislation underscores “an increasingly symbolic thrust of legislation as Congress heads towards midterm elections,” NPR’s David Welna reports for our Newscast unit.

“This is an opportunity for us to show the American people that we are committed to restoring the trust in government,” GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor said today.

Here’s more from David:

    “The series of anti-regulatory bills the House approved are part of what Republican leaders are calling Stop Government Abuse Week.

    “Democrats accused Republicans of wasting everyone’s time.

    “‘I sincerely wish my friends on the other side of the aisle would stop this conservative merry-go-round,” said Alcee Hastings, a congressman from Florida.

    “Even some Republicans acknowledged their legislation is unlikely to be considered by the Senate.”

So let’s give another group more money and gut the workers safety and consumer financial protection just so an rich idiot can make another $1M off income? 

Do they expect that having regulations is going to result trickle-down economics?  All of this is a game of trickle down economic which supposedly would generate jobs because corporations would have less regulations to deal with it and can hire more workers.  The only problem is that less regulations is probably going to result in less spending and higher health-related costs because lack of worker safety protections and  lower wages.

What planet do these guys live in?


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