Trying to Deal To Take Contrary Action on TV Which Is Gritting Experience

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Taking contrary action is perhaps one of the most difficult things in the programs. Especially for me.  Every time, my sponsor asks me to take contrary action, I just want to scream at him.  How do you tell me what I know in better.

In reality, the real issue is from moving away from random websurfing (which aggravates my ADHD) to more passive forms of entertainment that require less stimulation and less relaxation.

The goal of this shift is to ensure that I have less urges to engage in random websurfing at meetings and work. As an accountant, my focus needs to be on the work, but I have to fight constant urges to randomly surf the internet.  This distraction has always been real struggle as I try to change behavior

I am beginning to become real successful at changing the way I get the news. By primarily focusing my news-gathering around NPR and the local TV stations, I am beginning to find it easier to get the news that I need without  having all of distractions of Google News.


Google News is an excellent way to get the news, but it has become too difficult for me to handle the overstimulation of so many news sources to look at it.  Normal people usually read a couple of stories and stop looking at the news.

The big problem in contrary action is watching TV.  For me, TV that does not stimulate my brain become boring. NPR, C-Span, and listening to the BBC are stimulating to my brain.  However, watching some dumb, mindless reality show like my roommate likes to watch drives me nuts.  I just cannot sit still.  Even trying to watch a movie with commercial interruption is difficult.

Yet, he complains about being bored, while I can get overstimulated by news and not be bored because I am constantly stimulating my brain with information instead of watching passive method of TV. 

I still do not know how I am going to have attention span to watch bad movies and bad reality shows.  If he watched sports,  I would probably watch the shows.

My analysis is that my roommate gets constantly bored and watches dull shows to pass time. I am supposed to learn how to watch more passive forms of entertainment to lengthen my attention span, yet I am get feisty when I get told to watch something that I considered to be dull.  He has really different tastes than I did, because I would watch a football game and he would not. I would watch a Kings game and he would not.  I would rather the Big Bang Theory or the Family Guy, but he would rather watch a dumb reality show.

For right now, it is an uncomfortable action right now that I grit my teeth over, but I really no choice to learn how to watch reality shows and dumb movies because it is “contrary action”.  This is more an AA thing that I have do for stepwork than a  radical change in my TV viewing habits or internet surfing.


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