ADHD and the dreaded

January 28, 2014 at 2:40 am Leave a comment

I have fought a lifetime against ADHD.  I thought that I could beat it and I thought that I could function as a normal person.  Such truth is an illusion.  It is an illusion to think that you cannot deal with disorder that severely impairs your ability to focus on an extraneous.

Such has been a struggle my entire life.  To be part of the present and the ability to enter a tremendous amount of data from source documents to the computer.  As an accountant, it is one of the most important of the job and yet my ability to focus on vast amount of details has always been a struggle.  

I struggle to answer how to make suddenly accurate.  How to end the vast amount of chatter in my brain and be able to focus with pure concentration.  Such is the bane of somebody with severe ADHD.  Especially when I have extreme time demands.  

How I do cope with this problem? How I do answer this challenge. How I do learn to enter source documents into the computer without making zero mistakes.  I feel so discouraged right now.  I feel myself let down right now.  I have tried so hard to get a job and then all of my efforts are gone.

I just want a job where I am not set up for failure. How do I solve this problem? I do not know at this time. 


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