Keith Olbermann is Right, We Should Have Never Voted for the Tea Pary

October 7, 2013 at 1:06 am Leave a comment

Keith Olbermann is definitely right. The tea party is about madness and nihilism. The tea party is about unstable and unqualified individuals that wants us to return us to the day in the robber barons of the Gilded Age. Nicolas Kristolf catches up with the madness of the tea party in this piece (

“ther, it’s that America’s strength and influence derive in part from the success of our political and economic model. When House Republicans shut our government down and leave us teetering on the abyss of default, we are a diminished nation. We have less influence. We have less raw power, as surely as if we had fewer aircraft carriers.

Some Americans think that this crisis reflects typical partisan squabbling. No. Democrats and Republicans have always disagreed, sometimes ferociously, about what economic policy is best, but, in the past, it was not normal for either to sabotage the economy as a negotiating tactic.

In a household, husbands and wives disagree passionately about high-stakes issues like how to raise children. But normal people do not announce that if their spouse does not give in, they will break all the windows in the house.

Hard-line House Republicans seem to think that their ability to inflict pain on 800,000 federal workers by furloughing them without pay gives them bargaining chips. The hard-liners apparently believe that their negotiating position is strengthened when they demonstrate that they can wreck American governance.

The stakes rise as we approach the debt limit and the risk of default — which the Treasury Department notes could have an impact like that of the 2008 financial crisis and “has the potential to be catastrophic.” Astonishingly, Republican hard-liners see that potential catastrophe as a source of bargaining power in a game of extortion: We don’t want anything to happen to this fine American economy as we approach the debt limit, so you’d better meet our demands.

In this situation, it strikes a false note for us as journalists to cover the crisis simply by quoting each side as blaming the other. That’s a false equivalency”

This situation is a dangerous game of extortion that threatens the very democracy that he live in. Eventually, some of these teabaggers needs to be charged with contempt of Congress and hailed off to jail to serve 45 days.

There should be a law that lawmakers cannot hold the government shutdown for two weeks. If they failed to deal with the problem, the Congress people could be threaten with Contempt of Congress and hailed off to jail to serve time on a misdemeanor offense. Maybe, the threat of jail would tell the teabaggers to knock off holding the full faith and credit of government hostage.

In conclusion, we are now living with the consequences of electing these tea party mountbanks. It is time to throw the bums in office and return to Nancy Pelosi back the speakership.


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