Frank’s Lautenburg’s Seat

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Fox News reports about the vacancy of Frank Lautenberg’s seat

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Tuesday for a special election later this year to decide who will fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, though he did not say whom he might appoint in the interim. 

The Republican governor, during a press conference in Trenton, said he wants to make sure New Jersey voters have a “voice and a choice” 

He set the primary for Aug. 13 and the general election for Oct. 16. 

The announcement ended some — but not all — of the speculation about Christie’s handling of the open seat. Lautenberg, a Democrat and the oldest member of the U.S. Senate, died Monday after complications from viral pneumonia at age 89. While colleagues paid tribute to the legacy of the World War II veteran, political observers launched into heavy speculation on how the popular Republican governor would move to fill the position. 

Christie faced conflicting state laws in deciding when to have the election. He could have waited until November 2014, or possibly this November. But Christie said Tuesday it was worth the expense to the state to hold a special election earlier”

If I were Chris Christie, I would try to select a Republican in the mold of Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins, a moderate Republican that sometimes will vote with the Dems on certain major issues, but on other, vote with the Republicans to maintain fiscal conservatism  It is important that a social moderate, pro-business friendly, and also pro-immigration reform Republican get elected to the Senate.  These are the type of the candidates that the Republicans need to run to get elected.  It does not that mean the Republicans have to give up being fiscal conservatives and business-friendly candidates.  They just need candidates that are not obsessed with scandals like Benghazi or make gaffes that land them as fodder for Jon Stewart monologues. 

Mr. Christie needs to be loyal to his party, but also he also should not try to allow tea party nutbags such as Ted Cruz elected.

(Fox News)


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