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Jobs Opened But No Has The Skills

According to KTVB, there is are job openings, but you have to have right technical skills. From KTVB,

“BOISE — With nearly 68,000 Idahoans looking for jobs, you wouldn’t think companies would have to go searching for workers. However, that’s exactly what’s happening throughout the Treasure Valley. Certain jobs are available, but they aren’t getting filled.

For example, Western States Equipment has about 50 jobs open, mostly in their service departments. The company sells and services heavy equipment throughout the Northwest from their headquarters in Meridian.

“We have the best equipment and we want the best, world-class technicians to service our equipment,” said Cameron Pickett, employment coordinator for Western States Equipment.

Pickett said the open positions are not due to a lack of interest. He said he receives 50 applications on any given day, but most applicants don’t have the skills and training needed.

“For us, when we’ve got all these positions open, we’re looking at these applications coming in, most of them don’t meet what we’re looking for,” said Pickett.

Pickett said Western States Equipment needs heavy equipment technicians who can do more than just turn wrenches. Technicians must possess technical computer skills because the industry has become more technical.

“For a lot of kids in high school, they think if you didn’t get good grades, you could go turn wrenches,” Pickett said. “And that’s just not the case anymore. “We’re needing those higher-level students that have the specific skill set to work in this industry. The high school and the college programs that are producing these students for us, they aren’t able to meet the standards that we have for the current industry today.”

If we extend this problem to the universe of private corporations, we would conclude that there are some jobs where there is a lack of workers have critical skills. Yet, when we look at the market, we see such a huge slack of workers without work.

If such a mismatch did exist, then we would need to have a massive retraining of people. Instead of massive economic stimulus, you would need to focus on building skillset and provide apprenticeship to people who are new on the jobs.

Right now, we have a greater problem of too many people trying to chase too few jobs. Massive retraining is not going to find everybody a job, it will only provide a few people with a job. Without an apprenticeship program, you are not going to expect for everybody to have the proper applicational training.

This is exactly why we need a program like the CCC or WPA again because retraining is not going to find everybody a job. A combination of CCC or WPA with job training and apprenticeship program would go a long away to reduce unemployment and maybe knock it down by 2-3 percent if a long-term strategy was develop.

But Congress cannot their act on deficit reduction which shows that any kind of hope on this issue is dead on arrival.


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