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Burning Man Tickets

According to Reno Gazette Journal, it appears that Burning Man is trying a different way to sell tickets this year. Instead of selling the tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis, Burning Man is selling tickets on tickets on a lottery basis. The lottery system is designed to prevent the rush of people trying to buy tickets on the first.

I remember my friends tell me stories about the servers crash and trying to again and again to get that sacred discount. Personally, I waited every year until the last minute to get my tickets. I always made a Burning Man as a last-minute travel decision.

For stragglers like me, we care more about the total amount of tickets sold. By 2016, the playa will get real large with 70,000 people. I believe that 70,000 people will want come to the event. However, I think there is some rule for slack with a 70,000 people and so you will be buy tickets at the minute.

For right now, you have to purchase your tickets early. If I would be making a tdecision to attend, I will make a decision attend prior to July 2012. After July 2012, the tickets will sell out and everyone want to go.

Another factor that will speed up the sale of Burning Man 2012. I think for some burners who hold to a New Age belief that they will Burning Man 2012 is the last Burning Man prior to the Great Mayan catacylsm where everything will be destroyed or we will enter into a new age of human enlightenment

I believe that the Burn 2012 will have more of spiritual tone than Burns in the past. I think people will be more spiritually oriented and for me, it is a good thing especially if my concept of a higher power developed on Eastern philosophy.

With the year being 2012, I predict that Burning Man will once sell out again and there will no tickets in August. It is just inevitable that this event is going to happen. And that means you do not wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets.



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