Obama is Going After The Alt-Weeklies

October 14, 2011 at 3:42 am Leave a comment

Obama is not making good decisions when it is coming to the drug war.  As reported by the AP

“SAN DIEGO — The chief federal prosecutor in San Diego is contemplating expanding a federal crackdown on the medical marijuana industry by going after newspapers, radio stations and other outlets that run advertisements for California’s pot dispensaries, her office told The Associated Press on Thursday.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy made the comments initially to California Watch, a project of the nonprofit Center for Investigative Journalism. They come a week after she and three other U.S. attorneys in California vowed to close medical marijuana businesses they deem questionable and single out people who rent buildings or land to the industry.

“I’m not just seeing print advertising,” Duffy told California Watch. “I’m actually hearing radio and seeing TV advertising. It’s gone mainstream. Not only is it inappropriate — one has to wonder what kind of message we’re sending to our children — it’s against the law.”

Who is the people really getting harmed by this?  Do you innocent children read alt-weekies?  Do you think that a stoner teen is going to cut down his drug usage just because he does not see an ad for the local marijuana collective.

The reality is that this method is going to cut revenue for alt-weeklies that provide some of the most necessary reporting on local political affairs.   A lot of people like myself hear about various  local music through the alt-weeklies

The reality is that Obama wants to trying to make an image that he is tough on terror and drugs.   In reality, this is all about image and not about a creditable threat to the criminal justice system.   Tough on terror and drugs means that you get the “vote” for the “Silent Majority”.   It was this “Silent Majority” that Nixon relied to beat McGovern in 1972.

However, this tactic might be a losing tactic in the long run and will not produce creditable points on the economy.   A looser and libertarian approach to drugs will yield more votes from Obama’s base than trying to impress a tough on crime “moderate” voter.

I think the establishment is country needs to understand alcohol and marijuana need to be treated as the same. They are both drugs that people recreationally use to get high or just to blow toke when a day get too hard to deal with.

For me, acts like this demonstrates political incompetence because we are trying to fight the drug war that we cannot win.  Trying to ban marijuana collectives from advertising is not going to help reduce the demand for marijuana and it deprives desperately needed revenue for alt-weekies which are very important for their political reporting and coverage of the local arts scene that a major daily will not cover.


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