Michelle Bachmann Shows Why She Is Unfit To Be President

March 14, 2011 at 4:23 am Leave a comment

Michelle Bachmann is a knucklehead.  She calls the Obama healthcare program as being “Crown Jewel Of Socialism” as shown in the video below

Yes, she calls it the crown jewel of social.   And yes, she think that she can be the next President of the United States as reported by the Seattle Post Intelligencer

If you are going to run for President, you should know where the battle of Concord and Lexington is.  Of course, it is in Massachusetts.   But Ms. Bachman thinks the subject battle took place in New Hamisphere as repoted by the Associated Press

A President of the United States should have a basic command of United States history. This is a basic fact that is taught in 8th grade history and yet, you cannot remember the location of a Revolutionary War battle. According to the Tea Party, the Revolutionary War was a golden age of America. It was the era of the founders which the Tea Party swear a solemn oath to defend the Constitution.

If you are Tea Party memeber, I expect you to have a significant command of the US history during this period. And that includes the location of key Revolutionary War battles. Lack of knowledge of the subject issues means that you are probably unfit for President. And calling healthcare reform “the crown jewel of socialism” where the primary method of delivery of health care insurance is private health care companies is not socialism.

In a socialist system, the government would be primary method of health care delivery and not private health care. If it is a “crown jewel of socialism”, it would be government-run system. You could call it “corporate socialism” because it benefits large health insurance companies, but it is not true socialism. Therefore, it is not the “crown jewel of socialism” as she claims it to be.

The Republican establishment thinks that she is not qualify to run for President. And calling healthcare reform “crown jewel of socialism” and not knowing the location of major Revolutionary War battle shows that you are not fit to be President.

She needs a lot of work on herself before she can become the right-wing savior of America. There are people far more qualified to hold that title and she ain’t one of them.


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