Bye Bye Mubark

February 1, 2011 at 8:11 pm Leave a comment

It looks it is bye bye for Mubark. According to Fox News , it looks like that Mubark has been shown the door and has decided to leave office by September 2011. Mubark cannot deal with 250,000 people chanting down with “Down With Mubrak” and he knew it was time to go.

Will this result in a freely democratic Egypt? Or this going to result in half-measures? The main problem that Egypt is how to develop democratic institutions that are not corrupt. Just because you change the government does not mean that you are going to root out corruption.

The country still has massive issues with poverty and corruption. Poverty and corruption cannot be rooted out overnight. It takes years and years to root out the corruption institutions and replace them with the well-run institutions.

The people in Egypt need to elect good leadership will implement reforms at a moderate pace. Reforms should drastic, but introduce over time to ensure that the reforms are properly designed and operationally effective. Trying to set-up democratic institutions that exist in Western European countries takes many, many year. The Egyptian people should demand change, but show patience to ensure that the leadership has the time to design the proper instutitions of democratic governance.


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