And I Though That I Was Bad

January 2, 2011 at 2:30 am 1 comment

I thought was the messiest person around.  In a letter to advice columnist at the Omaha World-Herald, somebody else is messier than me and it is the wife.  Here is an excerpt from the letter

Dear Annie: Our daughter-in-law, “Mary,” takes little pride in her appearance and is a terrible housekeeper. She works part time, so she could surely take care of the household chores.

We have seen the clothes thrown everywhere, crumbs on the floor, unwashed dishes, dust and dirt. There are several cats that jump on tables and countertops, and the litter box is rarely emptied, so the place stinks. Worse, Mary is a hoarder.

Mary’s mother may not be aware of the living conditions because she stays with other relatives when she visits and never goes into Mary’s house. I think she would be appalled. Now that there is a baby, we are concerned for his well-being.

Our relationship with Mary is unfortunately strained. She would not appreciate our concern and interprets any show of support as meddling. We have talked to our son, who acknowledges Mary’s shortcomings but overlooks them. He works full time and contributes as much as time will allow to the household chores.

The last thing we want to do is cause trouble, but we are so worried about our grandson. Should we continue to keep quiet and look the other way”

The wife seems not to take any action to develop better cleaning habits for her house.  Like the woman described in the letter, I have bad habits that make my living space to be consistently messy.

In my case, it is my resolution to be habitually neat as stated in a prior post. My living space might not be the most tidiest in the world, but I want make it to presentable to other people.

If there was a betting pool for a divorce, I would wager a small bet.  I am going to bet that the person marriage will fail due to “irreconcilable differences” between the wife and her husband.  And “the irreconcilable difference” will be her lack of being tidy in her living space.

I never want to date a neat freak, but I would not date somebody like this wife.  She would encourage the worst of my habits and I need somebody that wants me to keep a tidy living space.



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