Ben Nelson, It Is Time To Call Yourself A Republican

December 2, 2010 at 5:46 am Leave a comment

I do not understand why Ben Nelson calls himself a Democrat.  After reading this article in the Lincoln Journal-Star, it is time for this traitor to leave the party.  Here is an excerpt from the article

“Ben Nelson said Wednesday he believes all Bush administration tax cuts should be extended “for at least a couple of years” to help boost the economy into full recovery.

“In the midst of a recession, the last thing we can afford is to raise taxes,” Nelson said during a telephone conference call from Washington.

Extending the income tax cuts that are due to expire at the end of the year could stimulate investment and consumer spending, the Democratic senator said, repeating his oft-stated position.

Nelson said he also supports full repeal of the federal estate tax, but he is prepared to vote for a decrease in the tax rate scheduled to kick in next year along with an increase in the dollar exemption if that’s the legislative choice he’s given.

The current lame-duck congressional session should concentrate “almost exclusively” on job creation, extension of expiring tax cuts and spending decisions that help attack the burgeoning national debt, Nelson said”

It is simple.  We knew this guy was DINO (Democrat in Name Only) and we knew that he votes with Republicans most of time. 

He calls himself a fiscal conservative and yet, he wants to extend the deficits by hundred of billions of dollars.  He offers no compromise plan. 

A true fiscal conservative would vote againist extending all of the Bush tax cuts.  A fiscal conservative would look at austerity measures that we are seeing in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Greece and state that we need to perform austerity measures to get our fiscal house in order.  In the United States, getting house in order means all of the Bush tax cuts would not be extended.  By having billions and billions of dollars flowing into treasury, we would be back on the road towards fiscal sanity.  The next thing would to be engage in cutting entitlement spending and a significant portion of the defense budget.  That is what true austerity means.  It means that everyone would share in the pain.

But does Ben Nelson plan to do that.  The answer is no, and therefore his claim to be a fiscal conservative is a just bunch of hot air.


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