People Can Recover From Autism

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WCRB reports

“CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)– A new study claims children can recover from autism.

A study out of the Center for Autism put autistic kids through intense language and social behavior therapy, saying after three years some outright beat the disorder, but one local parent isn’t buying it.

“I think that they’re probably using the wrong words, I think that you can change the behavior but I don’t know that they can actually cure autism,” says Penny Seneca, parent of autistic child.

Her daughter Ana has Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning version of Autism Spectrum Disorder that comes with social and language development problems. Ana is 13 now and her therapy is making a big difference.

“Through practice and role playing activities that we begin to see Ana blossom and again it didn’t happen overnight…it’s never instant gratification,” says Senior Coordinator of Autism Support Alliance Shantele Guidry.

And Ana is optimistic about a recovery, at least someday.

“If they could that’d be great, but it would be difficult,” says Ana Seneca.

“You’re probably born with and you’re probably going to have it for the rest for your life. Does that mean it’s a death sentence? No, but at the same time we can deal with it,” says Guidry.

They study focused on 14 young children. Most showed improvements with language and functioning testing but Shantele doesn’t want parents to get their hopes up.

“It’s not like a medical illness you just recover from, it’s that, again, you can improve social skills, language skills, they can improve. As for going away, because when I think of recover I’m thinking of something that I’m regaining, something that’s lost and that’s not necessarily the case with autism,” says Guidry”

Unlike the kids in the article, I never had the ability to go through the early intervention activities that occurred with the kids. Early intervention is critical for people that have autism because they learn the proper behavior before they develop bad habits later in life.

When you catch an autism diagnosis at the age of 28, it takes years to unlearn bad habits. If I had undergone early intervention, some of my bad habits might not have developed. My parents did not know really how to deal with the autism.

The one thing is that the my autism was never severe enough to prevent me from having a normal middle-class job or graduating from college with a bachelors degree. It does not prevent me from going out and meeting new people. It does not prevent me from not driving, traveling alone, or even living alone for a short period of time.

The main barrier that it does present how to make close friends, have successful relationships with the opposite sex, organize my belongings, or finding new hobbies with my spare time. However, I have to remind myself that the challenges that I face are challenges that “normal” people face. There is plenty of people with autism that cannot make close friends or have successful relationships with the opposite sex. For some “normal” people, all of the person does is play video games and has limited range of hobbies.

Just becuase I have autism does not make me terminally unique. I am like other people, but there is special challenges when it comes to breaking bad habits and obessive-compulsive behavior. However, these habits can be broken. It just take the willingness to take action and only focus doing theright action for today, the bad habit can broken. And that is a good thing


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