Decom And Serenity

October 17, 2010 at 12:01 am Leave a comment

SD Decom has been very mellow event.  I have spent most of the day relaxing.   I spent most of my talking connecting with people that I knew. It feels like being in a quiet, calm sea of serenity in this crazy world we call the default world.  I think if people did the event sober, they would have the chance to experience a glimpse of serenity.
I will never get to feel the effects of ectasy. My friend told me that Ecstasy allows to feel the music instead of just listening to the music. It allows a person to stay up all night.

For me, E is no solution. It might feel good for a time, but it is not worth chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole.  It places reliance on a chemical to feel good instead of working on my spiritual health. E is the temporary high; the spiritual path lead to permanent serenity.  It is better for me to work the  noble spiritual path to permanent serenity than risk the work that I have done for the last two years by taking that tab.


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