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Random Thoughts Why I Like Go To Burning Man

This post from the blogs Obsidan Wings perfectly states why I like go to Burning Man

My idea of a restful, refreshing vacation is to drive hundreds of miles to the middle of a high-altitude desert to a spot where there is nothing but dead salt pan for miles in every direction, no water, no flora or fauna, spend several days working like a dog in the hot sun to build a little camp, spend a couple more days hanging out in it with my friends and whatever lunatics wander in off the street while enjoying day-and-night pounding techno music and explosions, with only the primitive comforts we build for ourselves in a little kitchen and a sun shower, then tear the whole thing down and pack it all away again for next year.

This isn’t a post about What Burning Man Means. I have no idea what it means to most people. For me it’s a chance to spend some intensive time with some good friends, experience some really weird stuff, watch some big fires and explosions, and enjoy a pretty solid attempt at a total rejection of mainstream culture

That is exactly on the mark. Burning Man is precisely that experience. I do not go to event for hedonistic experience, but rather being in the company of great artists and makers of electronic music. I did not need to smoke a toke, drink a pint of whisky, or take a tab of E at the man. I experienced the man without the aid of any substance and I have found it to be very stimulating.

If I did not tired so early, I could have sit out in front of Opluent Temple until 3:00 AM in the morning. There was so much to do there that I never got bored. Sometimes, I longed for emotional connection with the community but the type of connection occurs at So-Cal Decom and at smaller gatherings like the Goat Hill.

For me, Burning Man is a mainstream culture and important part of my life. If it was not for Burning Man, my chance of relapse could have significantly increased due to social isolation.

Being out of the desert heat is normal for me and it is something that I like to take part of each year. Today, most of my friends are Burners and are very accepting of my autism and my recovery from alcoholism that happened two years ago.

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