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Giving Dope To Child, What A Dumb Idea

I can tell you this woman was a dumbass. As reported by the AP

“CINCINNATI — A grand jury has indicted an Ohio woman accused of providing marijuana to her 2-year-old daughter and using her cell phone to record the child smoking the drug.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters said Wednesday that 21-year-old Jessica Gamble of Springfield Township in suburban Cincinnati was indicted on child endangering and other charges.

The video shows the child handling and puffing on a marijuana cigarette.

Investigators say Gamble gave the girl the marijuana at their home sometime in August and that a person they haven’t identified gave a copy of the video to the state family services agency.

Gamble remains in jail. She could be sentenced to up to 11 1/2 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

A message was left at her lawyer’s office”.

I think she is irresponsible mother, but my bigger question is whether the person has untreated drug addiction and the untreated drug addiction has not gone treatment. The primary driver of the sentencing should be based on (i) whether she is an addict and (ii) has undergone any treatment for the addiction. If the person is found to be addict and has not gone to treatment, than the best sentence would be 180 days in jail and 3 years of probation. The 180 days in jail needs to be served for neglect of the child. Sending her to state prison is merely stuffing the state prison for somebody who does not belong there. I believe that she needs help and granting probation is the best option

If the defendant is found not to be drug addict, than she would be sentenced to 30 months in prison. I just have no sympathy for somebody who is not addict and does this to their kids.

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