Social Dancing – 1st Week

August 24, 2010 at 5:56 am Leave a comment

Tonight was the first class of my social dancing.  I learned the four steps of the waltz dance.  The class has about 50 to 60 classes and most of the people in the class were women.

For me, that should be good thing.  However, the age range was mainly skewed 40-50s and 18-22 which were not my age range.  My age range for dating is about 22 to 41 and and anything women older or young than the subject ages are out of the dating.  I did not find any the women in the class to be especially attractive.  Therefore, I do not expect the class will result in any potential girlfriends from the class.

The waltz was fairly easy to dance to learn.  However, the fourth dance step that we learned tonight is going to take some practice.  The progressive step, balance step, and basic step were the easiest steps to learn, but I need to practice the subject steps.  I think that I am going to watch a lot of You Tube and Viemo videos to get my steps down.  I think listening to the instructor is great, but I can learn a lot via watching Youtube videos on the  Waltz dance  especially that I was taught the basic steps from a real instructor.


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