Steps to Improve Quality of Work

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To reduce further mistakes at work, I should print out of my audit working papers and compare the results to the screen. The first task I should do with the printed working papers is to verify the mathematical computations that are performed on the working papers. The second task is to read the working paper for grammar and accuracy. Before completing a working paper, make sure that you have proofread the working paper by printing out a hardcopy and seening how the hardcopy looks.

I spend hours each day looking at the screen and I commit many errors in my work because my eyes get strained by looking from the screen. My eyes need to see the work on a hardcopy document because it is just more easier to read. I have to try to live life without paper, but when it comes to writing and producing documents, I am going to have to rely on hardcopy print-outs of my work to catch mistakes. I need to surrender to the concept that editing documents should be done with hardcopy documents instead of rely on just reading the screen.

Another thing that I need to do work as well is to block off the outside world. I have a habit of bombarding myself with endless amounts of news and information. I let intentionally let myself get drowned by sea of information and news. Often the news is real depressing and is out of my control. I just need to learn that how to survive without the news and instead, focus on the task on hand. I need to surrender to the concept that the world is going to change just because I listened to the news..

The Twelve Steps teach us to surrender our lives to the will of a higher power. The higher power does not need to be a divine being in the sky, but rather the lessons that we learn from making mistakes and by listening to good advice to others. Surrending to your life to follow the advice is the higher power that will result in a better life. It is will of the universe to follow that advice so you can succeed and evolve to the next level. We need to take action based on life lessons that we learn from our higher power and use it to transform our lives. Resisting the will of the higher power will result in further frustration and you will not be able to achieve your goals.

If an alcoholic does not follow the "will" of the higher power, he will be at a much higher risk to relapse. Therefore, it is better to surrender to the will of the power, than continue in the path of self-will which results in further failure and disaster.

In conclusion, I need to surrender to my higher power’s will and follow the advice that I outlined in this post. If I do not follow advice of this post and act in self-will, I will continue to make same mistakes and I will start to walk the road of relapse and destruction of my life. My financial security is on the line and I have to prevent that.


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