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Last night, I went to do some go-carting.   The event was quite fun, but I was too cautious in drive.  Therefore, I finished in last place in the race because I applied the brakes too much and did not want to drive too fast.

In retrospect, driving very fast would resulted in multiple spinnouts and crashes.  I just do not have the coordination to drive very fast on the racetrack and therefore, I have to drive at a slow pace to prevent from crashing and spinning out.

The only thing that would improve my coordination would b e playing video games.   However, video games require time to play and I do not get stimulated by video games very easily.  Prior experience demonstrates that playing more video games will not result in improved coordination. 

The real solution to this coordination problem is occupational thearpy.   However, my coordination is sufficient for day to day tasks such as driving, working on the computer, hiking,and indepedent living.  Therefore, occupational thearpy will provided little margin benefit given the cost of time and money.   To pay several hundred dollars for the purposes of improving my place in a go-kart race or learning how to walk on streams when hiking is not worth the time and effort to obtain the thearpy.  I have accepted that I just not very good at video games, team sports, and other tasks that demand good hand-eye coordination.  

We have to accept our limitations and realize that we are not gifted in certain areas.   Some things are just not worth the money and time required to improve  your skills in thar area.  When you do not use the skill as part of your vocation or a hobby that you are passionate about, you just accept that you are not good at it.  You accept that you are not going to be the best performer on the team and you might be the worst performer in the activity.   However, that should not diminsh your enjoyment of the  activity.  It should be okay to try out new things and realize that you are not going to be  best at them.  It is doing the activity is where the true pleasure comes from and not what place you finish in.  

And that is the attitude that I brought to go-carting experience and that is why I enjoyed the  activity despite finishing in last place.


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