Goals For The Two Years

June 25, 2010 at 11:27 pm Leave a comment

Trying to determine what life will be like in two years is a difficult idea. My goal in two year is to pass the CPA exam and to be live indepedently of my parents. I would probably like to be backpacking and camping on frequent basis.

I really do not see my friends changing. Outside of joining a major service organization, I will probably spend the majority of my time with my friends in AA and Burning Man. I will ahve lots of friends that I see routinely at organized informal gatherings. Such gatherings of friends will be the majority of the events that I attend because I will have two to three meetups actives to engage myself in activity. In addition, I could be also a leader in OC Sierra Club 20s to 30s. By this time, the OC Burner Meetup will have frequent meetups outside the traditional meetups that are scheduled on the Yahoo Group. Right now, I foresee

In terms of relationships with women, I am going to predict that I will have a few close friends that are woman. It will be very difficult to determine whether I get into a serious relationship with somebody. By this time, I will be mentally prepared for a serious relationship but I had to undergo a few years just learning how to go out on casual dates with woman I think that this process will be slow and will take time. Trying to rush into a serious relationship without learning to be close friends will be a receipe for disaster. Therefore, I should start to casual date but do not rush into any serious relationship for the next couple of years until I learn to become a close friends with somebody else and have increased my emotional intelligence. Having better emotional intelligence will allow me to have a better emotional connection with a lover.

I do not see myself changing jobs or moving any place for the near future. I might move to Huntington Beach when I no longer need Project Indepedence but I am going to take this process very slow.

The message is that change should done slowly and not rapidly. Remember, I need to make progress and I am not required to have perfection.

This is the conclusion of my 15 minute writing exercise on what my goals are for the next two years.


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