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HTC Incredible and Cut and Paste

So I get this new phone called the HTC Incredible and I thought it was the best phone that I could get on the market. So far, it lived up to the name “Incredible” except for one feature, cut and paste. The cut and paste feature is complicated compared to Windows Mobile which had a far better cut and paste ability. Eventually, I am going to master the copy and paste feature but it will take a long time.

On the I-Phone, they make everything look so easy. Easy to take pictures and easy to cut and paste on the phone without a hassle. Not is the case on the Android phones. No, Google likes to make things complicated. And that is one thing that annoys me about my phone.

However, the features are the phone make it better phone than the my old Windows Mobile phone. Just the sheer amount of Internet radio stations on the phone makes it better with the Windows Mobile. However, the cut and paste feature is definitely not something to write home about this phone.


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The Normal Life

Somebody wrote today about a normal life. The author stated

Normal life (whatever that is) has its share of ups and downs along the way, we learn. So, no surprises there; as adults we expect the valleys along with the mountains and we sometimes learn to take most of them in stride, wobbly though the strides may be”

Currently, my life has lots of small hills with lots of valleys in between. I am grateful for that

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