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Rant Against The Costa Mesa Police Department For Pulling Me Over

I have a real rant aganist the Costa Mesa PD. From Facebook

“The cops pulled me over yesterday for swerving in lanes. They forced me to take Field Soberity test. They forced me to take breathlyzer test and waited an hour to resolve the issue. The cops did their job, but in reality, the Costa Mesa police department needs develop to detailed procedures for to handle people with autism

Also, they made me to retake the driving test. And now, I cannot go to Toast because Costa Mesa police department does not have proper policies and procedures for handling people with autism.
I recommend that they have biennial training of eight hours to handle people with noncompliance. I also want law that mandates that officers getting eight … See Morehours of training on the proper procedures for dealing with people with autism. If the officers fail to comply with the law, the chief goes to jail for ninty days and is fired if the department if found to have a systemic noncompliance with the law
I have to study the driver’s license test because of this. They could wrote the ticket and got their money. Now, instead they WANTED to hassle me instead catching the REAL ALCOHOLICS that lives are unmangeable and need the DUI to hit rock bottom and get sober into the rooms.”


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Bad Dems For The Dems In North Carolina And Ohio

As reported by the conservative blog Wizbang, it looks like the Democrats had another bad day polls at the Ohio and North Carolina

The reality is that Dems are losing votes because they show the appearance of being weak. They lack the zeal and desire to bust the trusts and bust large corporations. They are not hammering away at the Republicans and telling the people of America that the Republicans have no solution.

If you want to elections in this country, you need to clone a bunch of Allan Grayson’s and put one in each congressional district. Than, you might have a larger voter turnout.

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