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Dripping Steak Sandwich

While at lunch today, I decided to eat a steak sandwich and eat in my car. During lunch, I usually listen to <a href ="" Randy Rhodes </a> so I can listen to her witty opening monologue about politics.

While eating the sandwich, the sandwich started to go drip, drip, drip on my pants. I knew it happen again. I always get stains on my paints from eating steak sandwiches. My pants are now ruined by all of the stains and I will have to throughly wash tommorow. Now, I will vow never to eat in my car again during lunch.


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Sernity Prayer

I am saying the sernity prayer before I go into review at work. That prayer really, really helps me!

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Getting Caught Drinking On The Job Might Mean Salvation for Six LA DWP Workers

KNX 1070 reports

(KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO) – Six DWP workers have been suspended and are being investigated for drinking on the job. You might recall the KCBS-TV undercover investigation showing DWP workers drinking on the job, drinking and driving, and going to a strip club when they were on the clock. However the workers might have just been re-assigned to other duties.

The reality is these people are alcoholics and their lives are unmanageable. I think the DWP needs to treat these people as sick people and send them off to 30-90 days in rehab. A suspension of 10-30 days is recommended for the subject action is appropriate. Firing these people is not the right action . They are considered to be sick people and need serious help

I came into work drunk one day. That decision saved my life. Since that day, I no longer had to drink and my life now has purpose and meaning. These people need to look to the incident as a second chance for a new life. A second chance to get sober. The public demands action and my recommendation is what the DWP should do.

If they took the actions that I took, they will be grateful that CBS 2 caught them. For them, it was the day that they hit rock bottom and they will realize that they had no solution for life. And they might discover the steps to be the solution for their life and they will never have to take a drink again.

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Kent State

Kent State was before my generation. It was day that happened that fourty years ago about the protests against the Vietnam War. For me, the song "Ohio" captures the memories of that day. It was protest against unjust war. A lot of textbooks do not cover this holiday. Some people think it was a pivotal day in American history.

For me, it represents a protest against the war machine. A generation struggled against the war machine and eventually we withdrew. What lessons are to be learned from that day? What can the peace movement do against the war machine? Those are the questions that we have to ask ourselves.

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