Special Comment: Republicans Are In Danger Of Losing 2010 Midterms

March 25, 2010 at 4:27 am 2 comments


I advise the Republicans to start toning down the language of racial resentments and redbaiting.  Seriously, this language fractures this languge when we need cooperation and tolerance to deal with the massive problems that our nation faces.


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  • 1. patrick  |  March 26, 2010 at 8:01 am

    kk where do I start, first just because I do not agree with the Pres does not mean nor should it imply that I have racial resentments…. Second, by this language r u referring to good old Keith’s language or to what he is making allusions to. (at the 6 min mark he refers to those who do not agree with him as) “Nuts, segregationist”… really read a history book pls… More republicans voted for the civil rights act then dems/progressives so his point of voting with segregationist is not even close to being valid in fact it proves it wrong. kk next nuts, so people protesting peacefully (and yes we r all still waiting for an actual videa/picture/anything… that will show that anyone did what these congressman are supposedly saying happened) means that these people r nuts. Come on we live in a day of a day of camera phones, flips and the like and still there is no video besides one congressman coming out to tell an old man off… oh I’m srry and a couple politicians making accusations. Seriously laughable, third, we the people do not need to be welcomed back to anything by our friend keith, we the people do not want a government takeover of this or any magnitude…. the government has failed at… hmm lets see, war since 1945, the forming of the league of nations/united nations, social security is bankrupt, medicare is a colossal failure, we’ve all been to the dmv so i will not elaborate, for crying out loud even the post office is hurting bad…. So yes of course we need health care reform, of course our system is not perfect and I agree that certain things need to be changed and improved but the government handling any of this aspect of our directly in the way it is wanting to do is not only not what the founding members of our country wanted but it is also not what the American people of today want.So keith yes we will see u at the ballot boxes in November… till then don’t get to excited about your progressive views being forced on us by an agenda driven congress… ty and goodnight 🙂

  • 2. Ken Mark  |  May 6, 2010 at 4:49 am

    So now that some time has passed we now know that this was a complete farce and a politically instigative attack on Reps from liberal MSNBC. That is why their ratings suck. Truth is, there has been more violence and racism from liberals against the Teaparty movement. One even bit a Tea partiers finger off. NICE…

    I agree with everything you said Patrick. Anything we can do to clean the slate and start over would be great. Lets get rid of all these entitlements and reassess the countries needs. Give people a chance to start a small business. Lets encourage the small businesses to hire and create jobs by letting them breathe. All of our efforts should be going to helping small businesses grow and creating jobs. Lets get rid of any labor union that has outlived its usefulness(AFLCIO and Teamsters for sure). Small iz incentives to compete with large corps. No more government programs. Not till America gets on its feet again. Then we can worry about reinstating smarter entitlements for basic basic human needs and nothing more. No psyche meds and marijuana stipends, abortion passes and uneccessaries. Lets promote the idea of volunteerism as being patriotic. Ill donate a day once a month to landscape my local park.


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